Shire is focused on researching, developing and marketing medicines that have the potential to transform the lives of people with rare diseases and specialized conditions. They wanted their new corporate film to capture and communicate the company’s, innovative, patient-focused culture. Aimed at both internal and external stakeholders, the film had to feature real patients and their families. Interviews with CEO Flemming Ornskov and his management team were also a key part of the brief.


There’s a simple purpose that sits at the heart of Shire: to help people with life altering conditions lead better lives. Yet many of Shire’s employees have little or no contact with the patients who depend on the medicines the company produces. We needed to bring patients’ stories to life in a way that would inspire employees while also ensuring that a broader, external audience came away with a clear understanding of what makes Shire such a unique, innovative company. Our insight was that if a story is told from the heart, it will speak to the heart.


We knew that for the film to have the required impact, the viewer needed see the reality of patients’ lives. Each story is told from the patient’s or their loved one’s point of view and filmed in a very compelling and intimate style. Macro shots allow us to be very close to our subjects; they help us paint a picture of their emotions in the small details of their actions. Wide shots are unconventionally framed, placing the subjects at the edge of the scene to create a distinctive composition which invites the viewer to see things in a fresh light. Another key element of the photographic style are handheld shots that track with the subjects as they move. These shots allow us to feel like we are on a journey with them. This shooting style carried over into the way we filmed our the CEO and senior Shire contributors. Using brief, observed moments we were able to create a vivid, overall impression of a dynamic, focused organisation without having to show the detail of the business.


‘My Name is…’ was launched at Shire’s senior leaders meeting in Boston where the response was overwhelmingly positive. It was also published on the About Shire page of the company’s website where by the year end it had received an impressive 48,000 views. In 2015, it was awarded a Gold medal at the Questar Awards.