Royal Philips - Film


Royal Philips needed an inspiring, emotive film to open the 10th annual global Mega Meeting for their top sales people. After the company announced its decision to split its business in two by separating its lighting and healthcare divisions, the film was billed as one of the first significant communications from the healthcare brand. It was also the first opportunity to deliver a key part of healthcare’s new corporate narrative, the ‘Healthy Society’. But that turned out to be just the start of the story.


For our internal audience of sales employees, the Healthy Society message was new. Our brief was to make the treatment of the message feel equally fresh, to blur the lines between healthcare and personal health, and create something uplifting and contemporary in its feel. Here was an opportunity to make a healthcare film without ever seeing a hospital, a sick patient or a piece of medical equipment; a film about positive outcomes which communicated Royal Philips' societal purpose.


To inspire and motivate you need to focus on the ‘why’ not the ‘what’.


The film delivers a single, compelling message which goes right to the heart of why the audience is motivated to do what they do each and every day. Real patients engage us with their different talents, impress us with their energy and surprise us with the challenges they have overcome. An eclectic mix of individuals who embody the essence of Healthy Living, Getting Well, Staying Well and Aging Well, they represent the healthy society Royal Philips is helping to build.


The film was extremely well received internally. And as a testament to the power of our creative approach, Royal Philips also decided to use the patients featured as the basis of their external Healthy Society campaign. The film now sits at the centre of the campaign microsite and was awarded a gold medal in the Health Awareness category at the International QUESTAR Awards.