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Puma Energy is a dynamic energy company, growing fast by answering unmet energy needs across five continents. Building on the success of the Annual Reports we had created for them since 2013, they wanted to use 2015’s Report to communicate a better understanding of their business model and demonstrate how they deliver value for multiple stakeholders. A standalone, traditional report was not going to do the job. This had to be a multi-channel solution which reflected the company’s unique brand, innovative approach, drive and ambition.


Puma Energy’s stakeholders include investors, customers, governments, communities and employees around the world. We needed to help the company connect with them in a way that was clear, engaging and informative. Multiple languages added to the challenge. We helped identify the issues that were material to each audience and streamlined the information, before creating approaches designed to deliver maximum impact. Our insight was that when you have an abundance of information and multiple audiences, channel management is as important as content distillation.


At the heart of the reporting suite are the Annual Report, a Sustainability Review and a Coporate Brochure. Cinematic photography, graphics and clean, contemporary design bring the business to life and drive home key messages. We also created a new annual report section on the investor website, an investor factsheet, online case studies and two films. ‘Fuelling the World’ summarises the year’s highlights and explains the business model in a punchy, easy to understand way, while ‘Puma A-Z’ takes the viewer on a colourful tour of the Puma Energy world in just 50 seconds.


Our multi-channel reporting suite, built around the distinctive brand we created, has helped the company to raise its profile, position itself as a world-class business, and move its reporting forward in line with best practice. To help the client maximise the value of their investment, content will be repurposed across different channels. Since 2013, our reporting work for Puma Energy has won 8 international awards, including Gold at the Transform Awards and Gold for the best use of digital in the energy sector at the Digital Impact Awards. The 2016 Annual Report took Platinum at the Hermes Creative Awards.

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