Puma Energy - Sustainability report


Puma Energy is a dynamic energy company, fuelling transformations all around the world by reaching those in need with safe, high-quality fuel, wherever they are. We have supported the business on its sustainability journey since 2012, helping to strengthen its focus, approach and progress reporting year-on-year. In 2016, following a period of rapid change, and with a keen understanding of the evolving challenges and opportunities that would bring; Puma Energy made the bold decision to accelerate sustainability reporting to best-practice levels. We were delighted to rise to its challenge.


Puma Energy’s sustainability audience is wide. Beyond the governments and regulators that are fundamental to its continued existence, they include opinion formers, suppliers, customers, communities and Puma Energy people around the world. Through a materiality process, we helped to ensure that 2016 reporting focused on the key issues, needs and interests of these stakeholders.


Best practice reporting doesn’t happen overnight, or without hard work behind the scenes. Gathering a solid understanding of the issues that matter most to key stakeholders helps clarify sustainability focus and direction.


We worked with Puma Energy to articulate a longer-term ambition and create the road map to reach it. The transition is just beginning, but 2016 has already seen a bold step forward in the strength and depth of Puma Energy’s sustainability reporting. The new Review is visually exciting and surprising. The editorial approach is supported by big-impact stories, each highlighting key achievements or tackling headline-grabbing stories head on. More granular and comparable data is now visible, further brought to life with highlights and icons. And, for the first time, the Review published at the same time as the Annual Report – giving it equal gravitas and reinforcing its importance to the business.


Puma Energy is now well on its way to becoming a best-practice sustainability reporter, and in doing so, raising its profile as a world-class and dynamic business. Through more robust reporting and compelling story-telling, the Group is helping a wider audience to understand the challenges and risks it is tackling, and the opportunities it is grasping to create positive and long-lasting impact.