Puma Energy - Annual Report


Puma Energy is a fast-growing, integrated, global energy company. We’ve been creating reporting suites for them since 2012 but this year was different. In 2016, Puma Energy completed a major investment programme which increased their capacity to store and distribute oil products and hugely expanded their retail network. In the report, our client wanted to move beyond talking about what the business does  - providing high-quality fuel to consumers, airlines, shipping companies and power companies - and bring the concept of Fuelling Journeys to life, not just for investors but for a much wider audience. We needed to show how the company’s passionate, pioneering,  performance-driven spirit delivers value for multiple stakeholders, authentic experiences for customers, and makes  a positive difference to communities. It was clear that a standalone printed report was  not going to do the job.  


Puma Energy’s key stakeholders include investors, governments, customers, communities and employees around the world. We needed to connect with them all in a way that was clear, engaging and informative. Multiple languages added to the challenge.


Our insight was that when you have an abundance of information and multiple audiences, three things are vital: a clear and consistent message, carefully tailored content and effective channel management.


First, we identified the issues that were material to each audience, then tailored and packaged the information to make it as relevant and impactful as possible. At the heart of the reporting suite are the Annual Report which we delivered in print and online, a Sustainability Review and a Corporate Brochure. Throughout, a conversational tone of voice is supported by contemporary lifestyle photography and specially designed pull-out stats and graphics that drive home key messages and evidence the narrative. An investor fact sheet provides an ‘at a glance’ summary of essential information, and an animation brings the business model to life. A Fuelling Journeys film takes the viewer on a colourful tour of Puma Energy’s world in just 40 seconds; photo-spreads and online case studies feature personal customer stories. 


Built around the distinctive brand we created, this multi-channel reporting suite has helped Puma Energy to raise its profile, position itself as a world-class business and move its reporting forward in line with best practice. To maximise the value of our client’s investment, content has been repurposed as assets for social media. We have won 9 international awards for Puma Energy’s reporting suite since 2013.