Connected Lighting systems have the power to collect data and transform the way we manage our homes and offices - even entire cities. Philips asked us to help them bring their launch campaign for Connected Lighting to life. With so many potential exciting applications for this technology, our challenge was to create a film that would not just explain the possibilities but communicate them in a very human, engaging and memorable way.


Beyond the initial launch, the film had a clear objective – to help generate awareness for indoor positioning in various application areas, speaking not only to lighting professionals but also to planners, retail designers, creatives and those with digital or online responsibilities in their different organisations. Our insight was that cut through comes from celebrating the human benefit and demystifying the technology behind it.


We created Anita – a young woman living and working in one of the great cities of the world. As we follow Anita through her day, we reveal how Connected Lighting improves her environment and informs her choices, offering new efficiencies and making the city a better place to live. The production combines beautifully considered photography with dynamic graphics which bring what Anita is experiencing to life. The overall effect is highly contemporary yet cinematic, so that the film works equally well on the big screen and online.


After viewing the final edit, the client responded by writing: “I’m not really sure how to say “I love what you’ve done!” while maintaining my professional objectivity. As I’m not very good with words J, I’ll simply say “I love what you’ve done!” This enthusiasm was shared by senior management who insisted that the film be shown as widely as possible. Anita’s story became the centrepiece for all Connected Lighting events, including the press launch at Light & Building, a much bigger and more prestigious industry event than the original launch. We’ve followed the film’s success with more instalments in the Connected Lighting story using the Anita character.