PepsiCo - Infographic
The pop


We have been designing quarterly results infographics for Pepsico for over three years. This time, the client was keen to increase the impact of the announcement and share the good news on social channels. Our challenge was to find a fresh, creative way to bring the financial information to life and help Pepsico’s message cut through. Our insight was that dynamic brands can benefit from a similar dynamism being reflected in their business communications.


Historically, Pepsico’s investors, employees and the financial media had read about the company’s earnings in a press release or via earned media. We knew that our target audiences were more likely to engage with impactful, visually appealing content because our brains process visual information up to 60 times faster than the written word. The infographics we’d produced had already broken new ground but now we wanted to take them to the next level.


Pop art and financial results might not seem like a natural fit but not only did this bold approach help the infographic cut through, it was perfect for breaking the information down into even shorter, easy-to-digest Twitter images, and for adding motion. In this way, we were able to maximise the value of the creative and amplify the message.


Telling the performance story visually significantly boosted engagement and views – both externally and internally. On social media channels, the content achieved 20,518,140 estimated impressions, 9,355,200 influencer impressions, and over 1,500 tweets, including 40 influencer tweets. The campaign was also nominated for a PR New Award.