Old Mutual - Integrated Communications


We have been helping Old Mutual communicate with their investors and wider stakeholders since 2008. Last year was a pivotal year for the Group with the arrival of a new CEO, Bruce Hemphill. In March 2016, alongside the full year results, he announced the conclusions of his strategic review – a carefully managed separation of Old Mutual’s four businesses.


As well as a strong following among institutional investors, Old Mutual has thousands of shareholders in its heartland of Africa, many of whom are customers. The financial services and insurance company’s responsibilities also extend to the many different communities it serves. Our insight was that change can be threatening but not if sound reason is expertly and clearly communicated.


Working closely with our client, we restructured the Annual Report to streamline the content and flow while emphasising Bruce’s new strategy, which was also explained in a filmed interview in the online report. The Group’s responsible business communications were re-cast to focus on two core, business-aligned goals - financial wellbeing and responsible investment. Case studies for each business reinforced their individual strengths helping to communicate the commitment to customers and to communities. A suite of multi-channel deliverables, ranging from printed reports to animation and infographics brought the Old Mutual strategy story alive in a clear and accessible way.


Following the much acclaimed 2014 Annual Report, 2015’s reporting suite opens a new and definitive chapter in the Group’s development as it moves towards the managed separation of its four businesses.