over 250,000


HSBC employees were demoralised and disconnected after the financial crisis and a series of scandals. They needed to be reconnected, energised and empowered by a new, global communications channel.


Ranging from senior executives to trainees, HSBC has over 250,000 employees spread across 71 countries. They speak many different languages and large numbers of them work in branches and call centres without access to the staff intranet. But each and every employee is the face of the Bank. They all need to embody its values and live up to the global standards that HSBC operates to. Our insight was that HSBC employees are genuinely interested in their colleagues, and the HSBC world around them.


Working closely with HSBC’s communications team, we produce a weekly stream of honest, authentic films from, and about, the people who work for the Bank – who they are, what they do and what they stand for. The programme is not afraid to tackle the difficult issues – from financial crime to mental illness. It also features uplifting, personal stories as well as case studies of best practice designed to engage and inspire. The content is available on the intranet and on a dedicated YouTube channel.


We’ve shown that it is possible to make a quarter of a million employees feel part of one community, even though they are separated by distance, language and responsibility. Within 12 months, episodes of HSBC NOW were averaging 48,000 views and some reached over 80,000. That’s a 1,200% increase on the highest watched video before the programme was launched. Its stories are cited as the number one source of pride amongst employees and it has been recognized with more than 40 industry awards, including a Cannes Lion.