Hong Kong Ballet - Brand


Ballet is often seen as something only an elite few can enjoy. To compound the challenge around this rebrand, Hong Kong ballet was widely regarded by its home crowd as second tier and domestically focused. In fact, the company is one of Asia’s finest ballets with a growing international reputation; full of highly skilled dancers and wonderful creative energy.


The time was right to help Hong Kong Ballet reach a new audience of people who might never have considered going to a ballet before. Our insight was that people’s perception of the Ballet didn’t reflect its human truth.



We developed a bold, contemporary campaign to support the new brand ambition, Never Standing Still, and worked to make the company more accessible by giving it a human face. Through flowing lines, vivid typography and dynamic live action portraits which shone a spotlight back on the most important people of all - the dancers - we captured the unique qualities of this very special company. And as our client recognised, we took our inspiration from the same source as the ballet itself: “The new brand successfully reflects the vibrancy and energy of the city, home to the ballet company and from which it draws inspiration.” Ms Daisy Ho, Chair, Board of Governors, Hong Kong Ballet.


Launched in August 2015 at the season opening of Pinocchio, the new brand is helping to shift perceptions of Hong Kong Ballet and to attract new fans both in Hong Kong and abroad. Its success was recognised at Asia-Pacific’s Transform Awards where it won three gold medals and one bronze for Best Overall Visual Identity, Best Brand Evolution, Best Visual Identity from a charity, NGO or Not for Profit and Best Use of Visual Property.