GE Power - Employee Engagement


GE aims to become the world’s first “Digital Industrial Company”. For GE to achieve this goal, it was critical that its largest business, GE Power, led the way in developing and selling digital solutions for the electricity industry. Moreover, it was vital that the broad population of GE Power employees were able to describe and discuss, with confidence, the company’s digital strategy and solutions. So, GE Power set the goal of delivering an educational campaign that would set a new benchmark for levels of engagement.


GE Power employs over 35,000 customer-facing people in over 700 locations across more than 150 countries. As well as needing to address a wide range of roles and responsibilities, we also had to consider the diversity of digital literacy within the employee populace.


Employees needed the right motivation, support and tools, and DigiFit struck the right note. Getting ‘digitally fit’ proved an alluring prospect.

Train your brain


DigiFit is best described as a ‘gym for your mind’. From the uplifting opening movie, to an entirely gamified experience, DigiFit was designed to be fun, engaging and to encourage a little competitive spirit! DigiFit has a digital hub at its heart, housing both existing and new content, curated to deliver an entertaining and gamified training experience on all things digital. We designed a wide range of launch materials to raise awareness and encourage employees to visit the site to undertake a simple and light-hearted self assessment as a precursor to tackling the first level of DigiFit.

Central to setting the tone, creating a buzz and driving action was a powerful and innovative film shown to all employees.

woman running


The campaign launched globally in April 2017 and quickly become a worldwide success. At the time of writing, more than 7500 employees have immersed themselves in DigiFit. On average, each employee returned to DigiFit at least twice, and spent more than 14 minutes in the hub, an extremely high level of engagement for any online property. To date, active participation stands at 22% of all employees – more than double the typical engagement level for a GE Power employee campaign. While GE is headquartered in the US, participation from employees has been truly global with India, France, Switzerland and Malaysia among the top five countries in terms of participation. Reflecting the strength of the creative content, the DigiFit launch movie was recognized by the New York Festivals in the best use of film for Internal Use category. Finally, and most importantly, feedback from employees has been very positive, with comments as below.