Aviva Screens


Aviva erected two of Europe’s largest LED screens in the entrance to their headquarters to bring a core pillar of Aviva PLC’s corporate strategy, ‘Digital First’, to life.

We worked alongside Aviva’s Corporate Communications Team, Engineering contractor and IT team to design and build a User Interface for the screens, to improve Aviva’s visibility in the City and share their strategy with the 650k people that walk past their HQ every year.


Aviva wished to communicate to their Corporate Customers, Investors, Employees, Visitors and the City of London who walk in and out and past the Aviva building.


Digital First was as much about the experience, utility and behind the screens security, as it was about the aesthetic. We needed to create something that was not only visually impactful, but useful, scalable and secure for future needs.

The installation of two of Europe’s largest screens and a unique and engaging UI helped position Aviva as a modern, vibrant place to work that embraces digital.


Our dynamic solution told visitors and passers-by what was going on at Aviva, around the world and importantly (for some), the state of local transportation hubs. The solution blended real time information with Aviva’s own performance data, video and animation.

Through complex technical integration, the solution could also display real-time sporting events.

The screens run 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year. They are not only elegant and effective, but incredibly robust.


Our creative execution blended the best of dynamic information design, video, animation, signage and branding, into a single dynamic layer. In probably an industry first, we combined a web content management system with a gaming engine.

Constant testing, from paper to small screen prototypes, to live testing, gave the project the best possible chance of success prior to its public unveiling.