Ant Financial - Film


Alipay is the world’s largest third-party payment platform, and China’s most popular mobile payment solution. It also is the most used payment app in the world. But the company and its products and services are still relatively unknown outside China’s borders. Alipay’s President wanted a film to introduce the brand to Western audiences and demonstrate how indispensable its global lifestyle super app is to the lives of more than 5% of the world’s population.


The President planned to use the film in her presentation to key decision makers and stakeholders at Money 20/20, the world’s largest FinTech event. Beyond the event, she also wanted the film to raise general awareness of the Alipay brand.


The benefits of extraordinary technology are best illustrated through the daily activities of ordinary people.


We structured our solution around a typical day in the life of two young Chinese consumers in Shanghai – Amy and Dayu. We see them in a variety of scenarios, which illustrate the main activities the Alipay app enables. The app was built in Chinese, so we created tracked graphics in English to represent key functions, working closely with our client to distil the user experience in a way that felt authentic.  We filmed the couple using the app in a ‘selfie’ style to bring their experience vividly to life.


The film was well received at the event and created a real buzz amongst the Alipay team. We have been told that it has been played hundreds of times internally. It now lives online as part of Alibaba and Alipay’s new video channel, Alizila