Anglo American


The people at Anglo American don’t just mine copper, they help connect communities through electrical and telecommunications infrastructures. They don’t just mine phosphates, they help meet the growing demand for higher crop yields. They don’t just mine diamonds, they enable two people to express their lifelong commitment to one another. The challenge for this brand film was to show how Anglo American positively impacts our lives and powers progress.


First showcased at the 3DExperience Forum in Las Vegas as part of a presentation on Mining and Innovation, the film is aimed at a broad external and internal audience, including investors, communities, employees, new hires and the general public. Our insight was that posing the right question will create a curiosity to seek out the answer.


Our creative approach was built around a simple question: ‘Why does mining matter?’ It celebrates the human benefits Anglo American delivers through a series of filmed commodities that reveal their practical applications to us through integrated computer graphics. And it provides an emotionally engaging connection between the values and aspirations we all share and the raw materials they are forged from.


Our creative approach pushed the boundaries of what the client has traditionally commissioned, yet this piece was still very much on brand. The use of real employees, the powerful imagery and the emotive narrative combine to create something which, although not overtly branded, is distinctly Anglo American. As the Forum event organiser, Vice President of Marketing, Dassault Systemes, said: “This is a spectacular video for the entire mining industry. I hope Anglo American use it everywhere; the whole world needs to see this so they have a better impression about the mining industry.” The film has had excellent engagement on Anglo American’s social media channels. Its engagement rate of over 30% represents a six-fold increase on their normal rates.