Amadeus - Cyber campaign


As a leader in technology solutions for the global travel industry, Amadeus processes almost a billion travel transactions each year. Cyber security is a business critical issue, not just in terms of their products and services, but also within the culture of the business. As cyber criminals become more technically sophisticated and determined, employee vigilance becomes even more important. We were asked to create a global campaign to remind employees of their collective role and responsibility to protect their customers, their business and themselves.


Amadeus has over 14,000 employees around the world, with key locations in Spain, Germany, France and the US. It also has over 80 smaller sites, and it was these that our client wanted to focus on. Previous communications had been limited mainly to the centres, but strengthening and maintaining a robust cyber security culture needed all employees at every site to be involved.


We chose to revitalise rather than reinvent. The idea of a phantom had been used in previous communications, but by developing a more defined personality and positioning, we could create a character to juxtapose the serious business messages needed.


The Phantom became the cyber security expert and the voice of conscience, always there to remind employees of their individual and shared responsibilities. The look and feel was designed to feel less corporate and the tone more playful, authentic and engaging. We then created an integrated launch campaign built around an animation, and supported by digital banners, posters and other collateral. We also produced comprehensive campaign toolkits for local teams to develop their own materials, and for key stakeholders to be able to support the campaign.


The return of the Phantom was an instant hit. Employees who remembered the earlier campaign recognised the evolution, but for those who didn't, the appearance of this entertaining character was fun, informative and memorable. Early feedback indicates that awareness and understanding levels have been enhanced and participation in training has exceeded the company's target. The Phantom is now being adopted for all of Amadeus' ongoing cyber campaigns globally.