Puma Energy - Online Annual Report
A digitally

The challenge

Puma Energy wanted to challenge a traditional, print-led approach to reporting with a ‘digital first’ report in its entirety from the key messages through to design, user experience and content. A report like no other; visually rich in experience, encompassing only top-line content and activities of the year.

theme sketch

Our response

The solution was to create a visually impactful site with a difference. The idea was to allow users to scroll vertically through the site, and at the point of starting a new section/theme, the scroll is "hijacked" and begins to move horizontally through the experience. In addition to the key statistics, three main themes based on Puma Energy’s company values and attributes are featured within the report while video and animation give colour and variety to the journey.

The journey
Comp design

The outcome

The microsite has helped Puma Energy raise its profile and has pushed the medium of online annual reporting for them and the industry. The content has also been repurposed as assets for social media and the experience is being amplified across additional marketing channels. It is helping to show Puma Energy as a ‘digital first’ company, and online views of the site far exceed the readership of the previous annual report.