Friday Spark!

Our weekly round-up of what creatively inspires us.

The Friday Spark! is our weekly look at what is creatively inspiring us around the World. Just in time for Super Bowl (the game that has four 15min quarters but takes over three hours to play) we've two powerful campaigns that really pack a punch, a truly explosive animation, some inspirational interactive infographics, a cool calendar and even a hands-free umbrella.

Audi's powerful Super Bowl ad tackles gender equality

“Daughter” ― a one-minute spot that follows a little girl embarking on a downhill cart race.
As her dad watches the race, he reflects on the way society measures a woman's worth.

Source: The Huffington Post


Alzheimer's Society targets younger audience with new look

The charity has been rebranded with the aim of targeting a younger audience and
expressing that dementia does not just concern those living with the disease.

Source: Design Week


Design, tech, video, social... this infographic has all the trends for 2017

Stay one step ahead with Shutterstocks Creative Trends infographic. Driven by data, 
see the percentage increase in searches for each trend over the last year.

Source: Shutterstock


The DodeCal – every desk should have one.

DodeCal is an innovative polyhedra calendar system

Source: DodeCal


Juventus FC's new logo has fans seeing red

Italian football club Juventus has unveiled its new crest, but the team's fans think
minimalist rebrand is an own goal.

Source: DeZeen


Tap on a country to hear a local voice


Source: Locallingual


How virtual reality is shaking up the music industry

Imagine finding yourself on a futuristic stage with rock legends Queen as they blast
out their greatest hit, Bohemian Rhapsody. A neon-rendered Freddie Mercury
struts around you.

Source: BBC


Underground art – living roots make amazing patterns

The intricacies of a plant’s secret life beneath the soil, where its roots grow and change
almost constantly, become a true work of art when manipulated into specific patterns.

Source: Weburbanist


Everything you wanted to know about nuclear war

What would happen if a nuclear weapon was dropped near you? 
How To Survive A Nuclear War

Source: ASAPScience


Just in time for Super Bowl, the chip bag that's also a breathalyser

In a collaboration with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Tostitos
is working to prevent drunk people from driving on the night of the Super Bowl, and
one of the spotlight features is a nifty chip bag with a built-in alcohol sensor.

Source: Autoblog


Colour palette guide from the 1600s

Created by artist  A. Boogert, this Dutch book is one-of-a-kind, a unique handmade
production designed to educate students and artists about how to mix, make
and deploy individual colours and colour schemes.

Source: WebUrbanist


What every rain-soaked Brit needs – the 'Umbrella drone'

It’s appropriately named the Umbrella Drone. It’s a drone with an umbrella on it.
Using cutting-edge drone technology bits, it will follow you around
and keep you dry. Seriously.

Source: Forbes


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