Friday Spark

Our weekly round-up of what creatively inspires us.

This week we're feeling a little arty. We bring you cover art, big art, small art, underwater and underground art, animated art, and film art...... in fact, art for every occasion!

I'd like to be under the sea... especially after seeing these stunning, award-winning photographs

Organizers of the Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest have just announced their winning photos for 2017.

Source: The Atlantic


The street artist who paints wheat silos...

The paint is barely dry on the portrait of the schoolgirl gazing down from the top of the 30m (100ft) structure and already it is the talk of the town.

Source: BBC


...and the artist who creates miniature worlds (right down to the cigarette stubs)

From Sydney and Los Angeles to Hong Kong, artist Joshua Smith's small models depict the buildings of big cities. Everything in them is reduced to scale, down to worn posters and discarded cigarette stubs.

Source: BBC


Instagram account celebrates London's tube art

Source: Instagram


Camera made from drinking straws takes pointillistic pics

Mick Farrell and Cliff Haynes have collaborated to create ‘straw camera’, an analogue machine that produces fragmented images which hark back to the pointillism movement.

Source: Design Boom


404 error messages given an artistic twist

Today’s post is devoted to perhaps the most frequent error on the Web, known as Page 404: let’s look closer at its definition, probable structure and design as well as a bunch of creative examples from the global design community.

Source: Medium


Simpsons' couch gag mocks South Park

Over the course of almost three decades, The Simpsons have always paid homage to not only famous actors and singers but to other TV shows as well. One of the best ways to show mutual respect has been through the iconic couch gag, and this time it’s about Robot Chicken.

Source: Highs Nobiety


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