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Celebrating International Women's Week, we have links that show and challenge our perceptions of women in the workforce and in the media. Also, a surprising look at song writing and a very cool interactive website

Collaborative animation has lessons ahead of upcoming European elections

Dear Europe is a collaborative video about the upcoming European elections and how lessons gleaned from Brexit and Trump, might relate.

Source: Vimeo


8 tunes you'll hear differently once you know who wrote them

Behind the scenes in pop, famous writers are asked to come up with jingles and theme tunes that become so ubiquitous it's often a surprise to find out who wrote them.

Source: BBC


P&G launches #WeSeeEqual campaign ahead of International Women’s Day

The crux of the effort is a video that tears down stereotypes via footage of women and men defying traditional gender roles. For example, a clip of an older women bungee jumping is accompanied by the statement “fears don’t care who conquer them.”

Source: The Drum


Nissan Micra website is quite an interactive experience

Source: Nissan


No laughing matter - why comic sans is a public good

Design people, known to be the most magnanimous cohort, have long decried the use of Comic Sans. A campaign to ban the font has been afoot online since 1999.

Source: NY Mag


Real-life women and their superhero creations

David Barnett looks at a pioneering new project that aims to tell the inspiring stories of women who have shaped the world in comic book form. 

Source: Independent


Artists makes billboards blend in with mountain scenes

As part of desert X, an outdoor exhibition of art installations and site-specific works currently taking place across the Coachella valley, Southern California, Jennifer Bolande has installed a series of billboards that are camouflaged among the surrounding desert landscape.

Source: Design Boom


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