Find out why MerchantCantos made a charity film
with James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund

Once a year MerchantCantos make a film for a charity. We chose to work with the James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund because of the important work it does in raising awareness of the growing problem of suicide.

Every year, more than 800,000 people die by suicide and up to 25 times as many make a suicide attempt. Behind these statistics are the personal stories of those who have been affected by suicide – family, friends, loved ones, and those who have contemplated taking their own lives.

James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund (JWSMF) carries out important work in raising awareness of the growing problem of suicide, providing support and reducing stigma.

We created this microsite www.talkaboutsuicide.com  for JWSMF because we thought each individual story needed sharing. Sunday 10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day so we encourage you to visit the microsite, share the powerful content and #talkaboutsuicide.

The work won Gold for Best Short Film at The New York Festivals, Silver and Bronze in the 'Human Concerns' and 'Society and Societal Issues' categories.

MerchantCantos would like to thank Clare, Melissa, Paul, Charlie, Sangeeta, Steve, Barbara, Marie and Rebecca for making this project possible.