Maggie's and
City AM have

City A.M. has pledged to help raise £1 million over the course of a year to support Maggie’s Barts, a new London-based Centre for Maggie’s, the charity that provides free practical, emotional and social support for people with cancer and their family and friends.

Maggie’s and St Bartholomew's Hospital are currently working in partnership to build the new drop-in Centre at Barts. Once opened, the Centre is expected to receive over 20,000 visits per year.

By offering its support, City A.M. hopes to highlight the need for a Maggie's in the City of London and to galvanise companies to join the campaign. The £1 million that City A.M. has pledged to raise will enable Maggie’s to provide each person that comes through the door of the Centre with the support they need.

In a film shot specifically for the partnership, Lawson Muncaster, City A.M Managing Director, said the reason for his involvement with Maggie’s was simple – to raise money to support the Centre for two years once the doors open because he believes in the vital need for the support Maggie’s offers. "What Maggie’s is as a charity and what they do for everybody, both patient and carer, is a very wonderful attempt at taking on something that is very, very nasty".



He said the campaign gave businesses the opportunity to unite over a common cause.

"I think it gives an opportunity for companies to come together collectively… and just go out and do special things, raising special money and doing it together."

Laura Lee, Maggie’s CEO, said that as a charity Maggie’s relies on voluntary donations and the support of companies and organisations like City A.M. to enable the charity to grow its network of Centres and to develop its unique, high quality programme of support.

"It’s a real opportunity for people to come on board and back City A.M.’s campaign to really make a critical investment to bring a Maggie’s Centre to the east of London, the City of London, based at St Bartholomew’s Hospital a reality."

Video available here

You can make a one-off gift of £10 to Maggie’s Barts simply by texting MAGG10 £10 to 70070, making an online donation, or by sending a cheque payable to Maggie’s Centre’s c/o Lizzie Hunt to 20 St James St, London W6 9RW.