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In a crowded marketplace, Brand adviser, Anna Tugetam, and Employee engagement adviser, Phil Morley, provide some useful tips on standing out.

Brand differentiation, the holy grail of building a powerful brand, and engaging with employees to equip them to deliver on your brand promise – are still challenging for many professional services firms.

Most face the same challenge: how to stand out in a big crowd of competitors? The harsh truth is, the services they offer are, essentially, the same so clients struggle to choose one from another.

Yet there’s no need to drown in the sea of sameness. There are ways to stand out. Our work with professional services clients has proved to them and to us that it’s the client experience, driven by the truth and integrity of the brand, that counts.

Here are our top tips on how to find and leverage what makes you better than and different to everyone else, and how to enable your employees to make it real.

  1. Find your core strength
    In professional services, it’s usually how you do things that sets you apart. It may be your culture, the way you approach client work or your unwavering commitment to excellence. Whatever it is, it’s what makes you,you, so always look for how you do things, rather than what you do.

  2. Build a strong client experience
    Once you’ve found what makes you different - and developed a strong brand positioning – live and breathe it in everything you do. One of the most influential factors in differentiating a professional services brand is the client’s experience. Always put your client at the heart and yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself: how do we express our unique personality in ways that are meaningful and relevant to our clients? How can we bring it to life for them at signature moments throughout their journey with us?

  3. Help your people to deliver
    Ultimately, your people will deliver your brand to your clients. Give them the tools, processes and a culture to allow them to do it so that your brand can thrive and evolve. Involve them in finding and defining your differentiating personality, your brand positioning and - most importantly – the way it is expressed. You are your people. Remember, building brands in the professional services sector should always be “done-with”, never “done-to”.

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