Library of Congress adds our project www.safertankcarsnow.com into the Library’s historic collection

MerchantCantos has had one of its latest websites logged as a historical point of record by the US authorities. The United States Library of Congress has added our project www.safertankcarsnow.com into the Library’s historic collection of internet materials related to public policy.

The website (www.safertankcarsnow.com) was created as part of an integrated public affairs campaign to help persuade the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to push forward on recommendations to improve tank car safety.  It was part of a campaign initiated by the Greenbrier group of companies, one of the leading designers, manufacturers and marketers of railroad freight car equipment in North America and Europe.

Jeff Sindone, Partner in our New York office, says: ‘We were proud to partner with Greenbrier to educate the public and elected leaders about the critical importance of improved tank car safety standards. Inclusion of the website in the archives is an indication that the Library’s historians consider the site an important document in the public policy debate on tank car safety.’

About The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the research library for the U.S. Congress; however, it also serves as the unofficial repository of the history of the American people and contains documents that are considered to be of value to historians. The Library has recently begun adding archived and live versions of websites that are considered to be of public policy, historical, or cultural significance, so that they can serve as part of the historic record.

More information on the digital historical archive can be found atwww.loc.gov/webarchiving/.