is changing

Is results reporting keeping up? Find out in our analysis.

We reviewed a range of best practice communications techniques used by large listed companies – from social media to where information was placed on their websites.

Our study unearthed a wide spectrum of practice. We saw companies that lived the old model of ‘if you build it, people will come’ by doing little more than park their financial results on their websites and other companies who truly embraced the digital space and communicated their results in interesting and progressive ways.

With the upcoming regulatory changes from the European Securities and Markets Authority regarding inline XBRL and as the non-tech savvy population diminishes, the global pacesetters are getting to know the preferences of their different stakeholders and responding with a suite of solutions that are more attuned to their needs.

How companies communicate with the capital markets is going through a period of unprecedented change. You can find out the three key lessons we learnt from our analysis by downloading a copy of our whitepaper here, or by clicking the image below.




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