Accelerating Digital Transformation through Culture

If you wanted to transform your personal fitness, how would you do it?  Would you subject yourself mercilessly to an intense program of classes and workouts?

Or would you start small? Get some exercise when you can. Walk. Stretch. Swim. Gradually build up to something more strenuous and intense?

According to a study by the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, the answer is: “Go slow. Really slow...if you haven’t worked out regularly in a while, start walking—and not quickly.”

The same holds true for the digital transformation of business.

In his LinkedIn blog post, David McCulloch, Head of Communications at GE Power explains how GE Power and MerchantCantos worked together to produce a new approach to employee education. 

GE DigiFit is an employee education program that is all about digital transformation. Best described as a ‘gym for your mind’. From its uplifting opening movie to an entirely gamified experience, DigiFit is designed to be fun, engaging and to encourage a little competitive spirit.

Read David's LinkedIn post to find out more about GE DigiFit, or check out our case study.   If you would like to know more, please contact us.