Turning business leaders into camera operators

Businesses and leaders who continue to communicate through tough times emerge exponentially stronger than those who don’t. Even with social distancing restrictions, film is a go-to channel for many organisations to effectively communicate their messages.

Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has made social media more valuable than ever to its users. Daily usage has jumped but advertising revenue is dropping. Product marketing dollars are being saved, as consumers stop buying non-essentials. This creates more space and leaves more eyes for corporate messaging. It’s an opportunity for businesses to tell their stories of resilience, response, community and recovery.

Current restrictions show the main types of video that will shine right now are:

  • Repurposed content – Existing footage recut with a new message.
  • Animation – Especially explainer style pieces.
  • Virtual experiences – Making the physical digital (i.e. virtual conferences, round-tables etc).
  • User Generated – User self-capture for live stream and/or submission to remote edit teams.

The big question is how do we create new interview led videos in a time of COVID-19?

The answer lies in addressing the challenges of remote capture and the variables that exist with User Generated Content (UCG), especially where quality can be impacted. With physical/social distancing now commonplace how do we capture Executives in their best light at a time they need to be communicating most?

We can’t ask business leaders to be camera operators... or can we?!

If you would like further information on how we can help you produce any of the above film content, please contact our film team.

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