Timing is everything

Thank you.

Two little words we say so freely and so often, we barely give them a second thought.

But for companies unsure what to say publicly in response to coronavirus, there has been no message more powerful, more timely or more welcomed.

Nurses and doctors treating the sick in Intensive Care Units. Delivery drivers bringing supplies to people who can’t leave their homes. Factory workers making ventilators and PPE for hospitals. Grocery clerks staffing check-outs, so entire cities can keep on eating.

Thousands of workers around the world put themselves on the front lines every day. These could be your employees, customers, clients or partners and you should be communicating to them all. Now isn’t the time to instruct, or sell or teach. And don’t over-complicate. Send a universal message: thank you, we appreciate you, we want to help, and this is what we’re doing.

MC can quickly create a mini-campaign or a series of individual assets to help you do this. There may be existing video footage or stills that we can re-purpose into new creative deliverables. You could also consider getting your people to capture and send us their own video messages or photos from the front lines.

Copy, messaging, and imagery would come together within your brand. Connecting across distribution channels and unifying the message on social media, your website or through your internal communications.

Show the world your humanity, because people will remember what you say at this moment. And what you don’t say.

If you’d like more information on how MerchantCantos can help you produce quality film content during these challenging times, our film team would love to hear from you.

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