The joy of integration

I was recently on a panel at the EVCOM annual conference – EVCOMference (arf). The subject of our discussion was entitled – “The Integrated Agency – views from the new-form one-stop-shop”. Our first point to the audience was that all of us agreed that the idea of a one-stop-shop agency was ridiculous. No one does everything. My fellow panellists – Dale Parmenter from DRP, Richard Bridges from Top Banana and Rick Stainton from Smyle – all agreed that what all of our agencies had in common was that we all did more than one thing and that we did quite a lot of that in-house. We also agreed that this has great advantages for clients – they do not have to manage multiple agencies and they get a single team who know each other and can deliver a great end-to-end campaign or event with multiple moving parts.

At MerchantCantos our model is that we bring creativity to business-critical communications. We are built to help our clients with their most taxing communications problems. Do your staff not understand the risks around cyber security? Then we have a multi-channel campaign solution for that. Are you appointing a new CEO? Then a film for your investors is just not enough. In a multi-channel world an integrated agency makes real sense. Only an integrated agency can look at things from a channel neutral perspective. A film agency will immediately want to make a film, a design agency will look to a 2D solution and a digital agency will look for a technical response. But an agency that has all these competencies and operates across IR, sustainability, employee engagement and brand will naturally take a much more holistic view of how to solve your problem. And that is a good thing.


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