The biggest conundrum: How do we celebrate 2020?

In an unprecedented year that continues to test humanity’s collective resolve, we now find ourselves with the holidays fast approaching and perhaps one of the biggest conundrums of all: How do we celebrate 2020?

Businesses across the globe have seen the impact of Covid-19 change the lives of employees both at home and at work. So many have openly shared their struggles with loneliness, parenting, illness, loss and financial hardship.

However, amid what for some has been a fight for survival, we have also witnessed the best of humanity – colleagues going beyond the call of duty at work, at home, and in their communities.

So, at a time when each one of our daily lives has been altered so profoundly, we’re creating ways for our clients to give thanks.

We are filming messages of appreciation, wellness tips and collating personal footage from employees to create retrospectives of the year, supporting our clients to bring everyone together at a very special time despite the obstacles.

Filming crews are in offices, parks and back gardens, in all weathers, making good use of their PPE (and macs) and following strict filming safety protocols to meet even the most unexpected holiday briefs.

From virtual TV shows and interactive company awards to gifting events, mental health film series and online party/ townhall hybrids, our clients are already planning a more meaningful reinvention of the traditional office party to boost morale and give thanks.

There’s talk of big summer parties ahead, but in the meantime, speak with us about your alternative holiday messaging and events. Our Film, Design and Live event teams are standing by.

Sonal R. Patel is a Partner and Executive Producer at MerchantCantos.

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