Tetra Pak

How do you communicate huge product benefits in a small packaging space?

Through a core global creative verbal and visual language.

Tetra Pak approached MerchantCantos to work with them to create a series of on-pack adverts to communicate key sustainability messages under the pillars of renew, reduce and recycle.

Our brief was to create a set of messages and visuals to help customers (B2B) and consumers (B2B2C) understand the positive environmental impact of the Tetra Pak packaging. It was important that the designs were relatable, conversational and clear, and all worked in spaces no bigger than the side of a carton of juice!

The deliverables included over 60 visuals for ads on pack, which we collated within a toolkit guidelines document. In addition, we also worked on a webpage and animation. Further adapts of the ads were also created to house in an appendix for global market reference.

1 Tetra_Pak_assets
3 Tetra_Pak_assets2
4 Tetra_Pak_assets3
5 Tetra_Pak_assets4
6 Tetra_Pak_assets5