Seven tips for hosting a successful Investor Day

Investor Days provide companies with a unique, in-person opportunity to communicate with shareholders and analysts. Done well, they can have a lasting positive effect. But planning an Investor Day can be daunting.

"Hosting an Investor Day provides a public company with an opportunity to efficiently communicate important and meaningful information to shareholders and analysts in a setting of the company’s choosing" says Nina Eisenman, Director, Client Services.

An Investor Day can articulate company goals and vision and provide greater insight into the company’s strategic advantages and the areas in which it excels. Done right, an Investor Day can have a positive impact—both during the event and in the weeks and months to follow. Having a successful Investor Day often depends on the quality of information that is communicated and how that information is presented. If analysts feel that the information provided is compelling and helpful, they’ll likely have a more positive feeling about the event—and the company hosting it.

The following tips can help any public company take their Investor Day to the next level.

Location, location, location

Poor attendance is one of the biggest challenges companies face when organizing an Investor Day. Should you host it at corporate headquarters, at one of your facilities or at a hotel in a financial hub? The decision will impact planning and budget but most importantly, attendance.

Annual vs biennial

You should only hold an Investor Day when there’s new or exciting information to share. Holding an event annually just to keep to a prescribed schedule can instill a negative perception among analysts. Hold an event when the timing is right and the information is relevant.

Film and infographics

If you have a complex story to tell, opening the event with a film featuring your senior executives, highlighted with graphics, can help make sure the narrative unfolds without a hitch. Film can also be a window into your global facilities, operations and diverse, dedicated work force.

Going digital

Many companies limit their Investor Day’s reach by simply announcing the event on their Investor Relations website. Promote the event online with an Investor Day splash page, micro-site and app including the agenda, speaker bios, webcast and check-in info.

Make the event interactive

If you are hosting your event in a hotel and want to build excitement around a new company facility or product, treat attendees to custom, interactive demos and video kiosks.

Think beyond the C-suite

C-suite executives are the default speakers for Investor Day events. However, many analysts want detailed information from those who are involved in day-to-day operations. Provide that detail by having general managers, vice-presidents, and other non- C-suite executives present

Amplify the event

Not every company is up to speed on the power of social media. However, your attendees probably use these channels regularly. Not only can you webcast the full event on your website, but you can simultaneously live stream the full event on Twitter or YouTube, or deliver live tweets or posts as the event happens.

To read the full brochure, please download it here. This includes our tips for designing engaging Investor Day presentations from Creative Director Kev Cheah.

Nina Eisenman is Director, Client Services in our New York office. To discuss how MerchantCantos can help with your next Investor Day or Investor Comms, please contact Nina Eisenman or [email protected]

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