Protecting value through values

Ethical culture begins with strong leadership and a commitment to a set of values.

How can companies embed the right set of values in order to drive ethical behaviour- and ultimately create long term value? Ethics begins from the inside, much like our personal ethics do. It starts with leadership and trickles down to everyone else. What is needed for an ethical culture is a commitment to act according to a set of values, related behaviours and a purpose that guides employees to make the right decisions.

MerchantCantos' Ian Roe, Director, Sustainability interviews boardroom advisor and former FT journalist Peter Montagnon, Associate Director with the Institute of Business Ethics. In the interview, we explore how business leaders can direct corporate culture and how a strong ethical culture protects and builds the bottom line.

For more information, please contact Kay Kayachith, Investor Communications Adviser and Ian Roe, Director, Sustainability,  MerchantCantos

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