Pennon Group
Annual report

How do you lift sustainability credentials in an annual report?

By letting your green graphics grow

Along with how its many businesses work together – a key message for investors and other stakeholders - water and waste utility group Pennon had another important goal for its 2018/19 annual report – to highlight its newly launched sustainability strategy. ESG data needed to be clear, accessible and relevant. Print and digital needed to go Green.

Time to streamline and un-muddy the waters.

Illustrations are key, and we didn’t hold back. They explain how the waste, water and retail businesses work together. They highlight the new sustainability strategy giving it prominence throughout the report. They make KPIs clear and easy to understand. They unite data with strategy, simplifying the user’s journey through an attractive report.

In the words of Pennon, for shareholders the report is an ‘incredibly useful resource and for employees, a ‘corporate bible’ to which everyone refers.