Website and animation

How do you distill a complex group story down into a single digital solution for diverse audiences?

Implement an intelligent content-first strategy.

Mondi was looking for a freshly designed website to make it easier for customers to navigate their product portfolio and be routed to the right contact. Equally, the site needed to help the Group communicate more effectively with investors, underscore their commitment to environmental sustainability, attract new talent and improve perception of the brand.

Backed by extensive stakeholder research, we identified that at a fundamental level, corporate users and consumers actually want the same thing: relevant information, clearly and engagingly presented, coupled with a clean but sophisticated user experience.

Our responsive solution is built around an intelligent content strategy which rationalises and organises the wealth of information into one, integrated site map. The clean, modern design builds on Mondi’s core brand attributes and dials up the minimalism, helping users to focus on the content.

Visits to the website are now of higher quality, evidenced by an increased CTR and a significantly reduced bounce rate. User journeys are more efficient with less steps to find relevant information.