Lloyd's of London
Annual report

What can you do to reaffirm your position and signal change?

Adopt a brave new format and let design simplify the journey

The key innovation in Lloyd’s 2018 reporting suite was the recognition of two readerships – those who want the financial detail and those who want the bigger picture and the context in which the business exists. Also, new CEO John Neal wanted the suite to have investor-day impact brimming with energy and confidence. Make it thoughtful, make it in-depth, make it contextual.

Our solution was to suggest a two-book approach, with a no-frills, numbers-only Annual Report supplemented by a Business Review that told the wider story in a more accessible and interesting way. As a result, the Report became more straightforward than ever before, freeing up the Review to tell the stories behind the numbers. While varying in content, both documents were united by bold typography and a simple, elegant design, supporting Lloyd’s aim of achieving innovative annual reporting.