Life’s different these days

Life’s different these days.

And there are a lot of questions.

Personal Questions

  • How can I help the community?
  • How can I keep my kids entertained?
  • How can I make sure my parents stay safe?
  • If no one sees me eating ice cream every day, is it really a bad thing?

Business Questions

  • How do I apply for a business loan?
  • What’s the best way to keep my employees safe?
  • Is cyber security a real threat to us?

Employee Questions

  • Do we have any tools for mental wellness?
  • Are we getting pay cuts?
  • Are there guidelines in place for when we return to work?

No matter the question, it’s important to keep your audience informed.

So how do you communicate complex ideas, simply?

With an animation.

An animation can alchemise complex issues into impactful, concise, and visually engaging pieces. Not to mention, they’re easy to create… from a distance.

Here’s how some businesses are using animation to get their point across right now:

McDonalds: Happy Kid Happy Parent One in a series in which McD’s, by playing with text and leaning on its familiar colors, successfully announces how it’s helping families during this crisis.

Click here to watch

Wieden and Kennedy: COVID-19 An example of where the right data, communicated and phrased in the right way, needs no frills to express the gravity of COVID-19.

Click here to watch

WHO: Universal Health Coverage One of a series of animated infographics that simply and succinctly, yet with emotional impact, communicate the facts and disparity of health coverage.

Click here to watch

For more information on how MerchantCantos can help you produce stand out animations, contact our film team.

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