International Women's Day - In conversation with Dareen Taji

Dareen Taji, Design Director in Dubai answers our International Women's Day questions on what equality means to her.

What does equality in the workplace mean to you?

Everyone has a voice regardless of their age and gender. We all have something to contribute to the bigger picture and can add value in our unique way.

What do women bring to your field that men don’t? 

Potentially creating more of an emotional connection to the work we do and how we communicate that to other women.

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Which woman would you pick who has been a particular inspiration to you?

Turia Pitt. She’s such a beautiful woman inside and out. She’s been through a very life changing experience and still embodies such strength, drive, positivity and just being human. She doesn’t listen to the people who tell her she can’t do certain things. She pushes her own limits and embraces the defeats along the way.

In terms of equality, how do you rate MerchantCantos as a place to work?

There’s definitely a strong sense of equality regardless of rank and gender. Having been part of this team for a short while, I’ve always felt my voice has been heard and respected.

Have you seen the much change in the way that women are viewed in the workplace during the course of your career? Are things becoming more equal?

Starting my career in the Middle East, it had predominately been men that would assume senior roles. However, that’s changed dramatically since. Many more women are in senior roles now and the communication channels are open regardless of gender. There are so many initiatives here on a government level that support women and gender equality and they’ve definitely come out strong because of it. I also think given that we are far more international and work with people from across the globe, it was an inevitability and everyone has embraced it very positively.

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