'Tis the season

It’s the time of year again, where agencies start flexing their creative muscle - unveiling their annual Christmas card. And, we’re no different. A meeting was arranged. Cups of tea brewed (with a distinct lack of mince pies). The brainstorming commenced. Many questions were raised.

Where do we start? Do people even care? What should the message be? What’s too much? Or not enough? And finally, ‘How do you say Merry Christmas without saying Christmas’. A seemingly straightforward brief suddenly became a lot more complex.

Maintaining and strengthening a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace are pillars to our culture.  By embracing our differences and diverse perspectives we create richer experiences within our agency and enhance the quality of ideas that we deliver.  So, although many people celebrate Christmas, not all do and as an agency it’s important to us to be representative of all those people. We always want to be mindful of who we represent, and who we are speaking to. We aren’t saying Bah, Humbug! to Christmas, we’re merely saying Tis the season, Warmest wishes, Feliz Navidad, Happy New Year and Happy Hanukkah too. Because we acknowledge that the festive season is about much more than just Christmas.

…Keep an eye out for on Instagram for our festive message.

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