Annual report

How do you capture
the DNA of a company
in its reporting?

By untangling
and simplifying

2018/19 was a milestone in Halma’s history – its first year as a FTSE100 company, with a new brand to boot. For its annual report the hazard detection and life protection company was determined to publish a report that was distinctly Halma – not boilerplate with generic content and stock images.

We worked with Halma to deconstruct and then reconstruct the entire report establishing a clear structure with balanced content backed by powerful language. The image of a DNA strand reaffirms Halma’s life-saving purpose that binds its businesses together. Mission statements, case studies and a commitment to sustainable growth are all accompanied by striking imagery and clear icons.

Internally regarded as Halma’s ‘best ever’ report and ‘the first annual report that really feels like Halma’, a company that’s not a household name can now articulate the secret of its success to all its stakeholders.

Halma 1
Halma 2
Halma 3
Halma 4
Halma 7