Frontier Economics

Corporate website

How can an economics consultancy become a magnet for talent?

Show their creativity and quirkiness

An energetic and imaginative team of leading experts… Frontier Economics do not fit the stereotype of conservative economists. How could the external perception be shifted to help attract the best talent and new clients?

Building on our previous brand strategy and narrative work with Frontier Economics, we re-imagined their visual identity and brought it to life through a new multi-lingual company website and a series of people-focused films. The website is editorial in style and uses illustration to a bring out the quirky side to the business and its people.

The new website helps position Frontier as a thought leader tackling the big economic questions facing business, government and society; supports their new business efforts; and, with the help of films we produced, makes them an attractive employer to the top young academic talent across Europe. Since launch, visitors are spending on average two minutes longer on the website and returning more often.

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