Forget spelt and rye, its Cyber month!

So it’s the start of October and cyber security awareness month. It naturally follows the Real Bread campaign that held our attention with  #sourdoughseptember and nicely fills the gap in the calendar before National Novel Writing Month ( kicks in through November.

Yes, cyber security is a serious issue, and yes, I am taunting you with the trivialisation. But the point I wanted to make is that whilst it’s no bad thing to have a bit of a period of amplification and a chance to grab a share of the spotlight, cyber security is an always-on thing. All year long, every year. And perhaps this year more than ever, with the perfect storm conditions straight out of a cyber criminals dream - a  combination of enforced unexpected working environments, and a deluge of diverse and dire distractions.

Engaging your employees about the risks and their roles in ensuring ongoing cyber security has never been more critical. Or more difficult. Its not easy getting their attention on the best of days, let alone with a subject that can be perceived as being dry, onerous, irrelevant or dull. And then there’s the current modus operandi to factor in. A challenge within a challenge, within a challenge. Like Matryoshka dolls with attitude.

We have helped may organisations address these challenges, influence mindsets and behaviours, and establish employees as the critical first line of defence. Over the next few weeks we will share some of the insights and ingredients of those successes.

If you would like to talk to us about your cyber-security communications or employee communications, please contact Phil Morley or speak to any of our global team.

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