Latest launches: digital reporting

As evidenced many times through our surveys of the investment community, the annual report is the most important, trusted communication from a company. We're able to help maximise the impact of our clients' reports by utilising the full breadth of our reporting expertise - from strategic consultancy to design, from film to innovative digital.

Six examples are linked below - all launched in the past few weeks. There are common themes within them all... narrative-focused digital reports bringing out the key messages, performance highlights, and stories from the year - brought to life through a mix of formats from interactivity and animation to film and graphics. These top-level, engaging summaries are supplemented by the full detail within PDF downloads of the entire report.

In most cases there have also been concerted efforts to think beyond just the report, to maximise the visibility of the content amongst key audiences in the relevant channels. See our recent 'If your Annual Report was a product...' article for more on this.

  1. House of HR
  2. Naspers
  3. Prosus
  4. Puma Energy
  5. LafargeHolcim
  6. New Development Bank

If you have any questions about launching your next Digital Annual Report please speak to Rick Sellers, Partner, Digital Strategy.

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