Derwent London
Annual report

What makes an annual report a gold-winning annual report?

Elegant design. Attention to detail.

Derwent London is a property development business of distinction, with a growing portfolio of innovative and high-end properties. They required an annual report to reflect their design-led philosophy and relentless attention to creative detail.

The beautifully designed annual report echoes Derwent London’s focus on aesthetics. In keeping with the property portfolio, form and function exist in harmony, seamlessly linking the business model, strategic objectives, core activities and KPIs. Like a well-designed office, a clear structure guides the reader’s journey with highlighted statistics, case studies and stunning photography providing a break from the narrative.

2017’s Annual Report, our seventh for Derwent London, built on the success of our previous work, oozing quality in both design and production. The work was recognised externally when it received the gold award for the best printed report in the FTSE250 at the Corporate & Financial Awards.