Culture in a creative business

"For most advisory firms and communications agencies, people are their greatest asset" says Keelin MacGreevy, Partner, London

Great ideas beget great ideas. Social contagion is a cultural phenomenon. Watch this video for the kind of culture we build at MerchantCantos

"Advisory firms and communications agencies have only one asset. People." And for those people to thrive, the environment in which they work and conceive ideas and solutions for clients is vitally important. Hence the value of caring about your culture and striving to get it right.

Culture refers to the social order of an organisation and is a key factor in influencing employee behaviour.  It also plays a central role in employee satisfaction, and in the competitive world of creative agencies, where retaining and attracting talent is paramount, culture has never been more important.

Creating an environment in which great ideas can thrive has to be an agency’s central tenet for good reasons. Firstly, great ideas are what clients are ultimately paying for. Secondly, great ideas inspire and attract talent. Everyone in this industry wants to be associated with great work and an environment that facilitates this is highly appealing. And thirdly great ideas beget great ideas. Social contagion is a cultural phenomenon.

Ultimately, culture comes from what you believe and what you do. We believe that communications play a critical role in determining business success. Our purpose is to deliver outstanding creativity to address our clients’ communications challenges. Our ideas must be relevant and differentiated, create cut-through and not be generic. They must persuade audiences to think or take action.

At MerchantCantos, we are united behind a shared purpose and a shared belief that each individual has a contribution to make, that our contributions will be recognised and rewarded, and that collectively we can achieve exceptional results.

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