Communicating in a virtual world

Now more than ever it’s so important to stay connected and see the faces of your stakeholders, colleagues and customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that hosting large-scale events in a traditional manner isn’t possible, but the good news is that there are virtual options. Whether this is for internal audiences, company-wide announcements, AGMs, or as part of a broader external campaign, there are great alternatives for large scale events while ensuring the safety of your stakeholders.

This week alongside Brunswick’s Trelawny Williams and Amelia Pan, I hosted a webinar on AGMs, Results and Roadshows: Communicating in a Virtual World. We discussed the intricacies and challenges of hosting these events in the current challenging circumstances and how we can help. Whether this is through creating video content or animations to playout during your events, designing event branding or slide decks, or providing you with a secure digital platform to host your events, enable audience participation, including Q&As and shareholder voting.

So, what are the options available to you to best engage with your audience?

  • Fully virtual on-demand events

A bespoke digital gathering place, where a series of pre-recorded and pre-produced content assets are made available to participants on a particular day and time.

  • Hybrid events combining live and on-demand

A digital hub, complete with pre-made creative content assets and a series of live streamed video events at its heart. Viewers can interact and ask questions of the presenters live, via an online Q&A tool.

  • Fully live digital events 

This is a fully live, remotely managed, multi-site event. Picture a traditional video conference but with added functionality and seamless vision mixing between sites.

It creates an immersive experience for viewers. Each site uses a video conference facility to film themselves. MerchantCantos acts as the remote hub and manages the multiple incoming video streams, pushing the mixed feed out as a single webcast. No technicians or camera operators are required onsite.

If you would like to find out more about hosting virtual events, please contact us

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