Capturing Reality

Naming a meeting room Leibovitz was an obvious choice for us. A world-renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz has become just as famous as the celebrities she captures in front of the camera.

Photographing everyone from HM Queen Elizabeth II to Bill Gates, from Sting to Serena Williams, Leibovitz has built an incredible CV portraying some of the most impactful people of the last century.

She was chief photographer at Rolling Stone magazine for 10 years and the first woman to hold an exhibition at Washington's National Portrait Gallery. Leibovitz’s engaging portraits are renowned the world over for their incredible intimacy.  However, it’s not just the famous faces and her dramatic style that make these images so iconic - it’s the way Leibovitz approaches and talks about her work that has resonated with us.

You don't have to sort of enhance reality. There is nothing stranger than truth.” ~ Annie Leibovitz 

This quote is written boldly across the walls in our Leibovitz meeting room alongside examples of her inspiring photography.

Producing films for clients is also about telling people’s stories, capturing their truths and providing personal insights in new or challenging situations. This includes introducing an incoming CEO, telling an employee’s story of rowing across the Atlantic, creating an award-winning documentary showcasing rapid scientific developments improving lives around the world, and bringing the struggles of loneliness to life.

It’s why we remember this quote from Annie Leibovitz whilst we focus on authentic film-making and robust storytelling. There really is nothing more compelling than the truth.

Check out a selection of our film work here.

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