Brew and a biscuit with…Patrick Eastwood

Charlotte McIntosh, Marketing Manager at MerchantCantos sat down for a virtual cup of tea with Patrick Eastwood, Partner in Asia to discuss creativity, design, and staying connected.

You can read a couple of snippets from the interview below or, listen to the full podcast here.

CM: Hello, Patrick. First things first, are you a tea or a coffee drinker?

PE: Being that it’s the end of the day, I’m very happy to be drinking a cup of coffee. At university we actually had a “biscuit-off” whereby each evening we sampled a range of biscuits until we reached the pinnacle of biscuits and ultimately, for me the best biscuit has to be the Digestive.

CM: How long have you been at MC and, do you remember your first day?

PE: I’ve been with MC for 6 years. I remember my first day because I joined in the London office, where I had a week in there meeting people before I headed out to Hong Kong. It was incredibly frenetic; I vividly remember immersing myself in every conversation and trying to meet as many people as I could possibly meet.

CM: What do you think it is that makes MC so unique?

PE: It’s probably cliché, but I would say people, culture, and specifically the lack of politics. I’ve always been struck by the many and varied backgrounds of colleagues and their skillsets, as well as the positive can-do collaborative attitude that you see throughout. And, despite working on opposite sides of the world to where you are, we still have that connection.

CM: We constantly talk about creativity. How do you inject it into your everyday?

PE: I collect inspiration for everything and more importantly, everyone. I try to avoid too much routine by keeping my eyes and ears open across different materials. Reading everything from business press, to arts and culture, fashion, politics, entertainment. I look for inspiration from other creative fields particularly, film and digital, photography, design and particularly in this part of the world: technology. I think the most important thing is that I always try and talk to lots of people, as I very much believe that inspiration for creativity comes from connectedness, awareness and constantly being alive to new and different things.

Listen to the full podcast to hear more about Patrick’s love for design and technology, as well as his path into the industry (despite starting out as a semi-professional cricketer).

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