Beyond boilerplate

We recently had a conversation with Mark O’Sullivan, Head of Corporate Reporting for PwC, and discussed the changing corporate reporting landscape and what companies can do now to report in a clearer and more coherent way.

In the last decade, we have seen a growing number of new regulations and unprecedented pressure for companies to rebuild public trust. This means managing the tension between being clear and concise and meeting regulatory demands is a real struggle for many companies and one that we have noticed in our review of 2017 annual reports.

Corporate reporting should be factual, clear and consistent. But it also needs to come across as authentic and transparent. This happens not just by presenting data, but by communicating in a human and personal way, balancing facts with personality.

We believe that all companies can improve their reporting through being both creative and practical. Infusing creativity into corporate communications helps to create an emotional attachment to your story, enhancing both core values and purpose. Communicating strategy is not just about expressing logic - it’s also about communicating messages that galvanise people to establish a common ground. Boilerplate statements and reporting simply won’t cut it. Boilerplate statements and reporting simply won’t cut it.

In this interview, Mark O’Sullivan shares his thoughts with us on the foundations of good corporate reporting, the issues that are driving change within the industry, and moving beyond boilerplate reporting.

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