Digital screens

How do you make financial information turn heads?

By making it big, bold and bright.

Aviva wanted to demonstrate how its 'Digital First' mantra was one of the core pillars of its overall business strategy. The multinational insurer wanted to turn heads, impressing customers, investors, employees and even passers-by. They wanted something that not only packed a punch visually, but was useful, scalable and secure for future needs.

Working alongside Aviva’s corporate comms and IT teams plus engineering contractors, we created the UI design for two of Europe's largest LCD screens right in the entrance of Aviva's London HQ. Our UI blended the best of information design, video, animation, signage and branding into a single dynamic layer. In what is possibly an industry first, we combined a web content management system with a gaming engine to deliver a rich robust experience. The screens run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.