Authenticity or bust

It was a pleasure to join our clients at the Brand Film Festival Awards in London this week, and to be recognised for our diverse scope of work with wins in the Brand documentary, Crisis, Sustainability, Animated and Internal categories.

The hope when I attend industry events is not only to win awards, but for the experience to be horizon-expanding. Yes, it’s an opportunity to network with industry colleagues and view the creative work our peers are producing, but I deem the event most worthy when I leave with something I can share.

One multi-faceted theme a number of presenters spoke to during the Festival was authenticity, the demand for authentic content, and how it manifests in the work we create. It’s a term we often weave into conversations and creative briefs because we understand the requirement for our clients to reflect back to the world who they are and what their brand stands for.


So how should you be thinking about authenticity in your business-critical communications?

Today, the drivers of authentic filmmaking are the audience. Sometimes it’s savvy consumers who see through subtle fabrications and beyond glossy effects for truths, challenges and solutions. It might be shareholders and employees who hold businesses and brands to account at every turn. Their expectations for realness and their hunger for real film and video content has turned on its head how we tell stories.

Authenticity, however, doesn’t mean we have to suspend the imagination. Stakeholder hunger for information and inspiration is creating a demand for filmmakers to produce next level creative content: multi-format, multi-platform, multi-length viewer experiences.

Brands and businesses who embrace this evolving requirement for film as part of their core communications strategies come out on top as the most credible multi-media storytellers. They put their point of view into the world before anybody else does it for them, and they are understood.

From daily bite-sized ads and Instagram stories to fly-on-the-wall documentaries, hard hitting CEO interviews, podcasts, animations and Facebook’s Instant Experiences. We’re also working alongside our digital teams to embed video, audio and images across platforms. We’re leveraging amplification tools to start honest, interactive dialogue with stakeholders. And at the heart of it all is information, genuine storytelling and a clear articulation of your brand’s point of view in every exchange.

Let us show you how to keep it real on every budget.

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